Trilliant Cut Diamond: 4 Keys To This Alluring Cut

by DMNDS | Last Updated: March 3, 2020
Trilliant Cut Diamond

A trilliant cut diamond is sharp and triangularly shaped, with three angles. It sends a very bold message and is therefore important to be aware of all the faculties that are responsible for its beauty and character.

If a round cut diamond is of traditional character and a princess cut a little more contemporary. A trilliant cut can provide the necessary substance to a jewelry piece, in order to make other stones shine and stand out.

In our series on diamond cuts, we will begin with the trusty and sharp form of the trilliant cut diamond.

A Brief Overview

The Trilliant cut, also known as the Trillion or Trillian – was brought into the world by the Asscher brothers in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The cut was trademarked by the Henry Meyer Diamond Company of New York in the year of 1962.

At this point in time, the patent is no longer active. In this result, the Trilliant cut has become a universal identifier for all triangular cut stones, perhaps even a cabochon or step cut.

Trilliant Cut Diamonds Pros

Besides being sharp and bold, a trilliant cut holds a variety of other key characteristics that make it unique. Here’s what makes it special:


A trilliant cut diamond will always look to be larger than other stones from a top-bottom perspective, regardless of other stone carat weights as triangular stone cuts are usually shallow in nature.

Of course, this factor is stringent upon a case by case basis, but trilliant cuts are almost always cut to a greater depth percentage than any other stone.

In the end, this means that a triangular cut will always look larger when compared against other stones of similar carat weight.


Due to the way a trilliant cut is done – it is easy to hide inclusions, flaws and any other markers for wear and tear that can depreciate the value of the stone for setting and sale.

However, because of the angular structure of the cut – the stone remains to be practically see-through and scintillating.


A trilliant cut is a perfect addition to engagement rings or bold statement jewelry pieces.

The form of the stone cut guides the eye and makes other stones stand out with a certain spark and correct design placement.


Provided that the stone was not cut to be too shallow, a trilliant cut diamond is always going to give off a very vivid brilliance and present a wide color spectrum under a stream of direct light.


A trilliant cut is astounding, in comparison to other stones that one would consider to be basic.

Besides being very playful, they hold a very strong geometrical form that strikes the eyes with sparkle and essence.

Trilliant Cut Diamond Cons

As every day comes with night, the positive features of a trilliant cut come with some negatives.

Even when choosing high-quality pieces – a triangular stone cut is still susceptible to flaws. Here are some of the drawbacks:


A trilliant diamond cut is easily susceptible to chipping and damage, as the geometrical form consists of many angular cuts that are to the detriment of the stone’s integrity.

Requires Specific Setting

A trilliant cut diamond is not very adaptable. In practice, it requires a selection countenance of settings for it to work.

A V-prong setting is most practical, as it protects the stone from being exposed to the weakest points that it possesses.

Other settings are proven to expose the stone to the elements and other damage. The requirement for specific settings severely limits your jewelry piece collection.

Regular Maintenance

A trilliant cut is naturally shallow, this means that regular cleaning is mandatory to prevent stone deterioration.

The smallest amount of dirt and oil can prevent the stone’s natural sparkly and brilliance that makes it so special.

Trilliant Cut Tips For Engagement Rings

While we have established that a trilliant cut diamond is unique and it can look great on its own – we have neglected the opportunity for using the cut’s natural tendency to make other stones in an ornament — stand out from the rest of the crowd.

A trilliant cut is modern, strikingly sharp and gets people talking.

They are specifically great at accentuating stones such as emeralds, ovals and other princess cut center stones.

A trilliant solitaire engagement ring is a priority choice for those who want to purchase a bold statement piece for the crux of a relationship.

Another possible mix is to compile a tension setting, which will add a simple contemporary aesthetic look that has all of the glitz, glam, and pizzazz.

Additional Points of Interest

If you are considering the purchase of a triliant diamond – symmetry should be a priority when selecting the stone.

A stone that is not symmetrical is susceptible to damage and is considered an imposter of lower quality.

In addition to that, trilliant diamonds are less common than any other, so you might have trouble finding a proper vendor. A specialist jeweler should be considered for this sort of purchase.

The setting of a trilliant cut diamond is also important, as the most plausible and safe choice for this type of cut with a correct bezel placement, like a V-prong setting.

The trilliant cut diamond requires regular maintenance and cleaning, so make sure to ask your vendor, if the purchase comes with a repair/cleaning plan.